5 Absolutely Essential Moving Supplies

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Are you moving? You will need more than just some boxes if you want the move to go smoothly. Here are the 5 most absolutely essential moving supplies you need to get.

Specialty Boxes
Most items can be packed in standard boxes, but some items are tricky. For these, you can get specialty boxes. They will make packing easier and also keep your items safe. Some specialty boxes to consider are:
• Mirror boxes (also for large framed pictures)
• Flat screen TV boxes
• Dish packs
• Wardrobe boxes
• Mattress cartons
• Reinforced boxes

Professional Box Labels + Sharpie
Make sure you label every single box with 1) what room it goes into 2)its contents and 3) if it is FRAGILE. Instead of just writing this info on each box, get some professional moving labels. Choose ones that have multiple colors. Then you can give each room its own color and you will easily be able to see where the boxes are supposed to go.

Tip: Remember to label the sides of the box and the top!

Packing Tape
Do not try to use anything but packing tape to close your boxes. If you try to use duct tape, you will end up destroying the box when trying to open it – not to mention opening it will be a major struggle!

Tissue Paper
You will need various cushioning and protective materials to keep your fragile items safe during the move. You can get away with using wadded up newspaper to cushion most items. You can even use your own belongings to cushion many items, such as wrapping your dishes in kitchen towels. But some items really need tissue paper. Don’t try to use newspaper on items like lampshades or China because the ink can rub off and stain them!

Plastic Wrap
To keep your furniture safe during the move, you will need to wrap it in plastic. If you are hiring professional movers, ask if they will wrap your furniture for you. Many moving companies provide this service for free or a nominal cost.


Don’t Fall for these Moving Company Scams

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Thanks to review websites and organizations like the Better Business Bureau (which lets you check out a company’s reputation online), it is getting easier to find a reputable moving company. However, there are still scammers out there. It pays to know what the common moving company scams are so you can make sure to avoid them.

Bait and Switch
This scam is when moving companies give a very low estimate, only to have the actual costs be much higher on moving day. You can avoid this by getting estimates from multiple moving companies, making sure the estimates are given in person, and reading reviews.

Absurd Extra Fees
It is common for moving companies to have extra fees for certain services. For example, most moving companies will charge extra for “long carry” if they must park the moving truck far from your doorway, or “stair fees” if they have to carry your belongings down lots of stairs. But some moving fees are absolutely absurd. For example, if you a few extra boxes on moving day to pack last-minute items, the company might charge you $20 per box plus more for the packing tape!

Stolen Deposits
It is common procedure for a moving company to request a small deposit to reserve your moving date, and there may be repercussions in the moving contract if you decide to cancel. However, no legitimate moving company will ask for a large deposit up front. If they do, it might be a scam moving company which will run off with your deposit. Do your research to make sure the moving company is legitimate before giving any amount of deposit, and never give a very large deposit.


The #1 Tip for Having a Chaos-Free Move

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If you have ever moved to a new home, then you probably remember what chaos it was You spent months with boxes littering your home as you tried to pack up all of your worldly belongings. In one long day, they were loaded into a moving truck and then unloaded into your new home. Then began the process of unpacking. You had to tear open boxes looking for the most crucial items, and lug everything around. By the end of the first 3 hours, every muscle in your body was aching Moving does NOT have to be like this. And it doesn’t even take rocket science of a big monetary investment to make moving less chaotic.

All you need is this simple tips:

Color Code Your Boxes!
If you don’t use color coded labels on your boxes, then the movers will just put them down in the first room in your new home. That means you will have to carry all of the boxes to their right place. Unless these boxes are labeled, then you won’t even know where to take them.

By contrast, if you just smack a colored stick on boxes in one room, you can tell the movers “put all of the Green sticker boxes in the kitchen, all of the pink sticker boxes in the master bedroom…”

Devising a color coding system for your moving boxes is very easy. Just go to any office supply store and pick up some color stickers. You will need as many colors as rooms you have. Then assign each room its own color.

On moving day, let the movers know about your color coding system. You can put one of the color stickers on each door so the movers can easily see which colors go where.

The color coding system works even better if you take some time to organize your home before packing. Spend a few days to make sure every item is in its proper room. So, those scissors your daughter borrowed for her school project will need to go back into the office. The tools in the junk drawer will need to go back into the garage. The toys strewn around your home will go back into the playroom.

This will make it much easier to pack by room. Otherwise, you will have to waste a lot of time walking around your new home when unpacking to return those items to their rightful places.

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